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Reasonable installation and use of high crystal wire drawing mold equipment

As the saying goes, love your profession. Friends who work in wire drawing production need not say much about their love for this industry. When it comes to machinery and equipment, I believe my friends also cherish it very much. Today, I will share with you the use and maintenance of high crystal wire drawing molds, and work with you to take care of your own high crystal wire drawing mold equipment.

1) The installation foundation of the wire drawing machine should be very stable to avoid vibration;

2) During installation, the stretching axis of the wire should be adjusted to be symmetrical with the centerline of the mold hole, so that the wire and the drawing die are evenly stressed;

3) Avoid frequent starting and stopping during the drawing process, as the frictional force generated by the tensile stress at the beginning of the drawing is much greater than the frictional force during normal drawing, which will inevitably increase the wear of the mold.

Regular maintenance and grinding of high crystal wire drawing molds

During the long-term use of high crystal wire drawing molds, the mold walls are inevitably subjected to strong friction and erosion from metal wires, leading to wear and tear. It is common to have a circular groove at the entrance of the electrical wires in the workspace. The appearance of the stretching ring groove intensifies the wear of the mold hole, as small particles of the core material that have peeled off due to looseness on the ring groove are carried by metal wires into the working area and sizing area of the mold hole. The metal wire plays the role of abrasive, while the metal wire entering the mold hole intensifies the wear of the mold hole like a grinding needle. If not replaced and repaired in a timely manner, the ring groove will continue to expand at an accelerated speed, making repair more difficult. Even deeper parts of the ring groove may have cracks, causing the mold to completely fracture and be scrapped.

Developing a set of norms and standards, strengthening daily maintenance, and regularly inspecting molds is very economical. Once there is slight wear on the mold, timely polishing can quickly restore it to its original polishing state, and there is no significant change in the hole size of the mold.

In summary, in order to avoid size fluctuations of high crystal wire drawing molds during the drawing process, in addition to selecting appropriate mold materials, designing reasonable pass sizes, improving the manufacturing level of the drawing molds, and ensuring that the surface smoothness of the mold holes meets the process requirements, it is also necessary to determine a reasonable pass compression rate and improve the usage conditions of the drawing molds. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the mold during use, wash and replace it frequently to ensure good lubrication during the stretching process.

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