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28 2024-05
Precautions for Hard Alloy Wire Drawing Dies

The hard alloy wire drawing die uses high-quality hard alloy as the core, which has high hardness,…[More]

28 2024-05
What are the characteristics of the structure of hard alloy wire drawing molds

The structure of the hard alloy wire drawing die is basically the same as that of steel. It can be…[More]

28 2024-05
Precautions for using hard alloy wire drawing molds

The heat-treated parts have been transferred to cold drawing and atmospheric pressure production an…[More]

28 2024-05
The main characteristics of PCD wire drawing dies

High hardness and wear resistance - PCD (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) has high hardness and…[More]

28 2024-05
Advantages of Hard Alloy Drawing Dies

? Hard alloy wire drawing die is a commonly used industrial die, widely used in the field of metal…[More]

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